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1C:Drive ERP software helps small and medium production businesses grow faster, stay ahead of the competition, and make their production planning effective

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1C:Drive production planning software provides robust instruments for supply chain planning and optimization, including order management system, production scheduling, BOM management, materials planning and control – all in a single solution. Integrated data flow and sophisticated automation allow businesses to always understand the production lead time and the availability of equipment, materials, and components. Specialized order management software included in the 1C:Drive allows tracking the whole process from receiving an order to its production. You can create a purchase order or production order based on the customer order. When a change is made to an underlying document, you can easily adjust the corresponding documents above in the chain. This speeds up decision-making in response to changes in circumstances like non-availability of work centers, issues with suppliers, delays of materials, or changes in customer’s orders

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Improve Production Planning Efficiency

Due to the lack of automation, production companies often struggle when trying to make their production planning effective

Gain Confidence in Your MRP (Material Resource Planning)

Avoid Non-Optimal Usage of Production Equipment

Improve Production Analysis to Find New Points of Growth

Control Revenue, Production Costs and Order Statuses

Be Prepared for Changes

Flexible fully-functional ERP system for small- and medium-sized production companies

High-quality cost calculation and profit planning are crucial for any production company that wants to stay competitive in the modern market

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1C:Drive, multifunctional ERP

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